Peddler's Permit

Peddlers, Solicitors and Transient Merchants

The purpose of Peddler's Permits is to protect residents of the City against fraud, unfair competition and intrusion into the privacy of their homes by licensing and regulating peddler's solicitors and transient merchants. 

"Peddler" shall mean any person carrying goods or merchandise who sells or offers for sale for immediate delivery such goods or merchandise from house-to-house or upon the public street. 

"Solicitor" shall mean any person who solicits or attempts to solicit from house-to-house or upon the public street an order for goods, subscriptions or merchandise to be delivered at a future date.

"Transient Merchant" shall mean any person, firm or corporation who engages in a temporary ot itinerant merchandising business and in the course of such business hires, leases or occupies any building or structure whatsoever. Temporary association with a local merchant, dealer, trader or auctioneer, or conduct of such transient business in connection with, as a part of, or in the name of any local merchant, dealer, trader or auctioneer shall not exempt any person, firm or corporation from being considered a transient merchant. 

Any person engaging in peddling, soliciting or in the business of a transient merchant in this City without first obtaining a license as herein provided shall be in violation. 

The following are excluded from the application of this article:
1) Newspapers. News boys and girls.
2) Club Members. Members of local Boy Scout, Girl Scout, Campfire Girls, 4-H Clubs, Future Farmers of America and similar organizations. 
3) Farmers. Farmers who offer for sale products of their own raising. 
4) Students. Students representing the Gilbert Community School District conducting projects sponsored by organizations recognized by the school. 
5) Milk Delivery. Milk delivery people who only incidentally solicit additional business or make special sales. 
6) Resale or Institutional Use. Persons customarily calling on businesses or institutions for the purposes of selling products for resale or institutional use. 

Permit Application